We’re the people who love your typos.



German proofreading.


You can write good, convincing, creative copy. We can check your text for full stops and commas, cases and numbers, syntax, style and logic.

We also check product spellings, place names and proper nouns, and we take care of consistency, formalities and anything else that’s important to you.


Proofreading in other languages.

Your text is proofread by native speakers experienced in advertising, then checked again by the project manager.

We’ll choose the best expert for you, depending on the requirements of your text.

Spelling and style guides.

You may have a glossary that must be observed. Or you may have rules about how to address customers. We can take all that into account – when we proofread and when we translate. Otherwise, we can draw up guidelines for you and with you, and keep them up to date.

We can handle any file format, from AI to XML.

We’re flexible when it comes to the file format you require. We usually deliver in DOCX, XLSX or PDF formats. But if you need your corrections another way, don’t hesitate to ask.

We work with text editing tools and notes in the files – and they’ll always be clear and easy to follow.

The double-checking principle.

We’ve been applying the double-checking principle for almost 30 years, which means every text is checked by two proofreaders. In the first phase we correct general grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and incorporate customer requirements. In the second phase the second proofreader checks for style (unless the client says otherwise) and makes one final correction pass. You want your text to come back to you in top condition, and we’re responsible for ensuring that it does.

If you have a quick presentation, or a tight budget, you can book a single proofread using our scobio tool, or just ask us direct.

Pitches and presentations.

A pitch is like selling. A client will only want to entrust you with their product or project if you present your agency and its work using text that hits the mark. The spelling and style have to be right, too.

We correct your text so that it wins clients over. And we do it quickly, thoroughly, and with plenty of advertising knowledge.


Clear corrections.

We distinguish between highlighting stylistic nuances and pointing out actual mistakes. Our corrections are precise and easy to follow.


When urgent means urgent.

Everything’s urgent in advertising. It’s nice to have two weeks to check a text, but if the clock’s ticking, then we’re the flexible, responsive team who can save your deadline.